Jane Hurst Garden Design

I have obtained the FRICS qualification which has given me a good background knowledge of architecture, traditional building techniques, interiors and furnishing. I also have a degree in Garden Design from the University of Portsmouth and have been designing gardens since 1994.

My work begins with a sensitivity to a place, its surroundings and its history, as well as to the needs of the owner. As can be seen from my website, projects range from contemporary gardens to large country estates. Throughout all, a strong architectural framework contrasts with soft, naturalistic planting. Contrast - of the formal and informal, light and dark, larger and smaller spaces, the still and moving and of form and texture - is a theme which runs through my work. I feel that the English garden style and William Robinson's 'infinite variation' sit more comfortably in the English landscape than the block planting of the Continental style.

Over the years, I have brought together a strong pool of surveyors, landscapers, nursery growers and craftsmen. I draw on them to suit the project in hand.

I follow an ethic of sustainability and seek to enhance the ecological diversity of the landscape with which I work. I use local materials wherever possible and select plants suited to their site, which will endure over time. I am particularly interested in planting schemes inspired by natural plant communities.

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